14.240 dx group

The 14.240 Group entertaining Hams and swl’s to this day

As a new comer to the group on 14.240 i did a little reading and talking to the guys find out about the group and history.

The Group started back in 1977 with Tony WA2JUN now sadly Silent key and Paul WA2JUQ

and has been entertaining Hams and swl’s form then to this day.


Tony WA2JUN sk

Tony Called CQ one day in 1977 out of New Jersey on 14.240 and the World heard Tony and his big signal.
Hams from all over the World started to call in to the group and it began. Tony has now moved to Ocklawaha in Florida still under the same Call WA2JUN, and still has one of the biggest Signal’s in the group.
Tony can be heard each day with the group talking to very rare DX stations, which most of us in the UK cannot hear, they always stop by to say hello to Tony and the Group before they slip down the band to call CQ to the rest of world.

Tony once told me” Andy don’t go chasing DX just stop on 14.240 and it will come by if it is out there” Boy was he right! thanks Tony.
Now the group has grown over the years, many Hams from all around the world can be heard calling into the Group most nights here in the UK.
The 14.240 Group is one of the most entertaining groups to listen too on the 20m band still today.
If you would like to call into the group to say hello as many do, Please go about it the right way and in A manner that all good hams use.
Only break between the gaps with your full call sign and please listen for the Groups calls signs before calling.
As break break or QRZ QSK etc.. do not cut on with 14.240 group as it gets very busy and full calls are needed so the group can hear you and not just QRM with qrz qsk etc.. .  And Please remember 14.240 is not a DX Net it is just Group of guys that talk to Friends from all over the Globe.


The Guys how have introduced an Entertainment Tax

How this works if you chuckle at the humor that the group induces you are required to pay $1.00 but if you breakout into full belly Laughter then you now have to pay $2.00 and if tears in the eyes flow then you are in the right place and send $5.00 this will be split among the group by means of the money is thrown in the air and what stops up you can keep.
Please ask Walt K1QS for Payment details hi hi!

Some of the Group you will hear Each Day


In 1997 Walt K1QS joined the group.

Walt was First licensed as KN1DWQ in November, 1957 upgrade to K1DWQ in June, 1958. Again, upgrade and call changed to AA1VA in March, 2000. received vanity call K1QS in May, 2000. he has  also operated as ON8VV, K1DWQ/LX, DL5LR, DA1BD, and at DL4RM for the ARRL DX contest during the late 1960’s.
Walt has one of the Biggest Signal’s into Europe that I have heard on the 20m band, Which comes out of  Naples in Maine State with his 4 Element Mono band Yagi And 1KW power he can be heard and as Walt always say life is too short for QRP.
Walt has a Very good Website up at www.k1qs.com Take a look.


 Walt is also the biggest fun master and entertainer to the Group with his very fast and witty humor, even on a bad day Walt will get y’all so watch out hi,
Walt is also well-known by the group for his keen ear for YL’s (that’s young lady’s for those that do not know)  that call in into the group this guy can hear a  yl with a coat hanger for an antenna at a So Signal, and some nights has had them nearly fighting over him as his voice alters, goes all soft and he is like a young puppy dog hi hi
But the Gals all like him and it keeps him at bay. Sorry Walt but it is true you know it to be 🙂
Walt was captured on camera in 2004 at a RSGB stand and stole this kiss from Kath, M1CNY


Ray has a big signal coming out of Port Jervis, New York, that’s if his Antenna is pointing the right way, (Sorry Ray)
You can hear Ray working the DX all over the HF bands. Ray is one of groups DX hunters and brings Rare Dx to the Group from time to time, as so do the rest of the group, Ray is one of the group you will always hear laughing even when life is at it hardest. Ray can always get the laugher out Keep it up Ray, and make us smile just to hear the tone of his Voice can bring Laughter keep it up Ray.


Fred K4MPI

Fred yet another big signal out of Florida, Fred is the one that winds Walt up and then the fun begins.
Fred is Marine and Walt is now and always has been U.S. Air Force. We often here the old tales over the air ways this is quite entertaining. Fred And Walt both ARE Senior NCOs. “So Watch out shoulders back and standup straight wail your being talked to HI”.
Fred has operated from Taiwan as BV1US from July 1959 and June 1961, and made about 20,000 QSO’s. Boy i bet he had a big pile of beer cans from them QSO’s.


Rich W9RG

Richard is in the mid west 9 land, you would think he is on the east coast to hear his signal coming out of Illinois most nights.
Rich is the groups QSL info guy he always finds that well needed info on a DX station we all need.
Rich in my mind is the peace keeper of the group always very cool and collected.
The Group calls him Rich man poor man.


Steve N2AJ (ex-WB2ZHB)

Steve has good signal coming out of long Island New York.
Steve is the Groups News reader he keeps us all informed of all sorts of news and DX form around the globe.
Steve often gets RARE DX to call into the group from his skeds.
I think Steve is a news reader or wants to be hi Steve did have fun on bikes though as young lad.


Murtada 9K2MU

Murtada one of the big signals you will hear coming out 9K2 land well that if Murtada is not playing QRP with the group as he does. One of Tony’s WA2JUN best ham friends along with Ray AA2WC and the rest of the group.
Murtada is one of the groups Biggest jokers and can be very funny is always very entertaining to hear, never ask Murtada for Signal report i can tell your report now 59+60db.
I think Murtada must have a Turkey farm as Tony and Ray are always calling for that Turkey in Kuwait 🙂



Jay’s Big Signal come out of Florida, you know it is Jay talking as he talks funny and sounds like he is at 50,000 feet in a plane.
Jay Blames this on his aluminum Shack or was he talking about his pile of Beer tins in the corner, I think by now he could build a new Shack with all them Cans with some help from Fred K4MPI.

Jay and Fred K4MPI must have shares in Scrap aluminum.  ( you’ll have to listen for this one) Both theses guys have a good stock of beer too.


Larry KB8GWL  an other strong signal coming out of Ohio

Larry is the Groups QRM remover and Police’s the 14.240 Very well “i wonder where he get that’s from  his Job”. One of the Nice guys at the same time , Larry is famous for his K OK saying which is used as standard code with the Group ask Murtada 9K2MU.
In the summer Larry can be heard talking about the backstroke ( you’ll have to listen for that one) and think he has a twin brother as he is always on about him?
Larry is also known as Slim to the Group
Of course, he is still a youngster, scheduled to turn 37 on his next birthday.  It seems that all of the backstroke he does combined with the water hazards on the golf course and performing flood control duties have turned him in nothing but wrinkles, just like a prune !
Only Kidding Slim



Mike calls into the group from time to time with a big signal from the Sicily Island of Italy.
Mike run a fixed wire beam to the states and full wave loop which is pegged around his building with clothes pegs, but what i signal.
Mike is one of the groups CW guys and can often heard on all the bands rattling that key.


K2DC  Don

Don has good signal coming Lafayette New York.
Don used to be a DJ (Disc Jockey) from 1968 to 1981 in Clemson SC (WSBF 68-69), Baltimore MD (WLPL, WTOW 69-70), Broadcast Specialist in the US Army in Vietnam (1970), Augusta GA (WBBQ 71-72), Jackson MS (WWUN 72), Richmond VA (Q94 72-75), Tampa FL (Q105 75-77), New York NY (99X 77-78), Dallas TX (KNUS 78), and Cleveland OH (WGCL 78-81). Most of that time was using the on-air name Dave Collins.
After bouncing around for quite a while he left the business and went back to school for the Electrical Engineering Degree.
Since 1985 he has been a Radar Antenna and RF/Microwave Engineer for a major defense contractor in Syracuse, NY.
His work has been primarily involved with ground based long-range air surveillance radars, missile defense radars, weather radars and air traffic control radars operating from HF through 10 GHz.
Over the years, work has taken him to 10 countries on 4 continents, and 37 states including Alaska and Hawaii, several of those trips being troubleshooting missions to remote radar sites. He currently hold one US Patent for a radar antenna application, with two other Patents pending.
Don has Blown more caps on his linear than anyone I know but always get it sorted fast.
Keep on Bopping Don


K1CAL Calvin

Cal as the Group calls him has a Big Signal Coming out of Connecticut.
Cal is the one that is alway 2 BY 2 with me far 2 loud and far 2 strong.
Think he has a RF heating system in his Closet as when Cal keys Lights Dim Over here in the UK.
Cal Works as Electrical contractor but i am sure he has 3 phase AC supply into that Closet of his.
Cal always stops by to say hello to the Group and can be often heard calling in mobile as well.


KF4OCR  Jerry

Jerry has a good signal coming out of Florida.
Jerry thought he would get away without a write up. Well he has for now but i have my Spy’s searching the Achieves on him.
Well my Spy let me that Jerry is playing radio a lot now days as Jerry is planning his new Job, But in the mean time Jerry’s Big Signal has been heard.
Jerry with his better Half Rhonda.


K5HAA  Bruce

Bruce is a Great Friend of all the Group and has a Good Signal now, we all can hear with his new Amp.
Bruce is Walt’s Bro and best buddy. Bruce is such a Private person i am told that i had to dig deep to find a Photo. Glad Walt pointed me in the right Place.
Bruce is one of the nice guy’s in the Group,when Bruce calls in you know as everyone want to talk with Bruce.
We all love ya Man.


TA2DS Selim

Selim calls into the Group most Nights if he can and is alway’s loud.
Selim is very active and if there is DX contest or EXPEDITIONS from Turkey you will almost without a doubt run into Selim on the End of that Radio when you break the pile up.
Selim has been very active in the Scouts on Air days as well.
Selim is known as the Little Astronaut as Group call’s him.
Keep the good Work up Selim.


K3LP Dave With Ryan His Young Son Teaching him the Ropes

Dave has a very Big signal coming out Mount Airy, Maryland.
Dave Always calls into the Group from anywhere in the World before going down the band to work the rest of the World.
Dave has a good signal from anywhere in the World as he is very active on all the BIG Contest around the Globe and DX-peditions.
Dave Collects DXCC awards but seems to give more DXCC’s away from them rare far away places we all need from  T33C – Banaba Island,  T30LP – Tarawa Island , FS5UQ, FS/K3LP – St. Martin Island , P40DC – Aruba and there are lots more that Dave has operated from over the years.
Have a look at Dave?s Website at http://www.k3lp.com

to find out his next venture to a rare DX Spot on the Globe. If you hear Dave on the Air at home then you may hear what sounds like QRM coming from his Microphone,
This is ok it will be Ryan Dave’s Young son Biting his DADS MIC hi but at least young Ryan is on the Air as much as his Dad is at Home Hi. LOOKOUT Dave he will steal the Show Very soon.

There are many more Good Friends From around the Globe that call into the Group. I will try do my best to do a write-up on as many as can if Time allows.